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Drag Chains


Versatility is another hallmark of our drag chains. We offer a diverse range of sizes, configurations, and materials to suit various application requirements. Whether you need a compact cable carrier for limited space installations or a heavy-duty drag chain capable of handling large bundles of cables and hoses, we have the perfect solution for you. Our drag chains can be customized with a variety of accessories, such as separators, strain relief brackets, and mounting brackets, to further optimize cable routing and management.

Durability and longevity are paramount considerations in industrial environments, and our drag chains are built to last. Constructed from high-quality materials, including nylon, steel, and hybrid options, our drag chains exhibit excellent resistance to wear, impact, abrasion, and chemicals. They can withstand demanding conditions, such as extreme temperatures, vibrations, and exposure to oils or solvents, without compromising their performance or structural integrity. By choosing our drag chains, you can be confident in their ability to endure the rigors of your application and provide reliable cable protection for years to come.

Installation and maintenance of our drag chains are designed to be hassle-free. The modular design of our cable carriers allows for quick and easy assembly, reducing installation time and effort. We provide comprehensive installation instructions and offer support to ensure a seamless setup process. Additionally, our drag chains require minimal maintenance, thanks to their robust construction and self-lubricating properties. Periodic visual inspections and basic cleaning are typically all that is needed to keep our drag chains in optimal condition, saving you valuable time and resources.

Drag Chains Specifications

Inside Diameter(H*W)mm
Outside Diameter(H*W)mm
Bending radius(mm)
Non-support lenght (mm)
R150, R175,R250,R300
4 piece bridge type Totally enclosed

Drag Chain Specifications

Nylon P66
Moving wires protection
Black (Standard), Customized Colour
Combined by links

Drag Chains Benefits

Cable and hose protection: Drag chains provide a durable covering for cables and hoses, helping to protect them from damage caused by abrasion, impact, and exposure to harsh environmental conditions. This protection helps to extend the lifespan of cables and hoses, reducing the need for frequent replacements and repairs.

Cable and hose organization: Drag chains help to organize cables and hoses, reducing the risk of tangling or knotting. This makes it easier to identify and access individual cables and hoses when needed, reducing installation and maintenance time.

Improved safety: Drag chains reduce the risk of accidents caused by loose cables or hoses, which can cause tripping hazards, electrical shock, or other types of injury. By keeping cables and hoses organized and contained, drag chains can help to improve workplace safety.

Reduced downtime: Drag chains can help to prevent cable and hose damage and failure, reducing the need for downtime and maintenance. This allows equipment to operate more efficiently, minimizing production interruptions and maximizing uptime.

Uses Of Drag Chains

Manufacturing: Drag chains are commonly used in manufacturing applications to protect and organize cables and hoses on automated equipment such as robots, conveyors, and assembly lines. They help to reduce the risk of cable and hose damage, which can lead to equipment downtime and production delays.

Automation: Drag chains are also used in automation applications to protect and organize cables and hoses on robotic arms, CNC machines, and other automated equipment. They help to keep cables and hoses organized and contained, reducing the risk of accidents and improving workplace safety.

Construction: Drag chains are used in construction applications to protect and organize cables and hoses on heavy equipment such as cranes, bulldozers, and excavators. They help to prevent cable and hose damage, which can lead to equipment downtime and project delays.

Mining: Drag chains are commonly used in mining applications to protect and organize cables and hoses on equipment such as crushers, conveyors, and drilling rigs. They help to prevent cable and hose damage caused by harsh operating conditions such as dust, dirt, and vibration.

Maintenance tips for Drag Chains

Regular cleaning: Drag chains should be cleaned regularly to remove dust, dirt, and debris that can accumulate inside the chain. Use a soft brush or compressed air to remove any debris, taking care not to damage the cables and hoses.

Lubrication: Drag chains should be lubricated regularly to ensure smooth movement of the chain and to prevent wear and tear. Use a high-quality lubricant that is compatible with the material of the chain links.

Inspection: Regular inspections should be conducted to check for signs of wear and damage. Look for signs of corrosion, abrasion, or cracking, and replace any damaged links as soon as possible.

Cable protection: Make sure that the cables and hoses inside the drag chain are properly secured and protected. Use cable ties or other means to prevent cables and hoses from rubbing against each other or against the chain links.

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