Metric Series Stainless Steel Conveyor Chain

Metric Series Stainless Steel Conveyor Chain

Metric Series Stainless Steel CZPT Chain

Metric chain addresses a lot of international locations and programs.  The conveyor chains are dimensioned in metric mm with the pitches commencing from 40mm.

We own the sophisticated products and the innovative technologies, this sort of as: 
1. CAD Designer
2. Wire Slicing Device
three. Chain Working In Machine
4. CZPT Furance
five. Ball Drift
six. Shot Peened Areas
7. Layout Of Url Plate Midsection

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1.These chains main advantage industry is 

Mexico,Brazil,Uruguay,Venezuela,Denmark,Russia,Belarus,Thailand and South Africa.

2.We have offer this chain for above 10 many years,high quality is stable.

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Chain No.
Pitch Hole Distance Attachment Size Hole Dia
mm mm mm mm
SSM20 40.   14. 6.6
fifty.   14.
sixty three. 20. 35.
eighty. 35. fifty.
SSM28 fifty.   20. 9.
sixty three.   twenty.
80. 25. 45.
one hundred. 40. sixty.
SSM40 sixty three.   31. nine.
eighty. twenty. 45.
one hundred. forty. 60.
one hundred twenty five. sixty five. eighty five.
SSM56 63.   22. eleven.
eighty.   thirty.
100. 25. 50.
a hundred twenty five. 50. 75.
160. 85. a hundred and ten.
SSM80 eighty.   30. 11.
one hundred. 25. 50.
125. fifty. seventy five.
one hundred sixty. 85. one hundred ten.
two hundred. one hundred twenty five. 150.
SSM112 eighty.   28. 14.
one hundred.   40.
one hundred twenty five. 35. sixty five.
160. 65. ninety five.
200. one hundred. one hundred thirty.
SSM160 100.   thirty. fourteen.
125. twenty five. 50.
160. fifty. 80.
two hundred. 85. a hundred and fifteen.
250. a hundred forty five. a hundred seventy five.
SSM224 125.   35. 18.
one hundred sixty.   sixty.
two hundred. sixty five. 100.
250. one hundred twenty five. one hundred sixty.
315. 190. 230.
SSM315 a hundred and sixty.   35. eighteen.
200. fifty. eighty five.
250. one hundred. one hundred forty.
315. one hundred fifty five. one hundred ninety.
400. one hundred fifty five. 205.

Metric Series Stainless Steel Conveyor Chain