Metric Series Stainless Steel Conveyor Chain

Metric Series Stainless Steel Conveyor Chain

Metric Collection Steel CZPT Chain

The Metric conveyor chains are dimensioned in metric mm with the pitches starting from 40mm. The chain dimensions is relevant to its
tensile power. With several type attachment, it cover several purposes this kind of bucket elevators, substance feeding facilities, wood
conveyors, rolling metal mills, grain conveyors, and so on..

A extensive range of chains according to standards DIN 8165 and DIN 8167, as nicely as models produced in accordance to British
CZPT with dimensions in inches, and hugely diverse unique variations. Bush conveyor chains are usually utilized for conveying
tasks involving prolonged transport distances at relatively low speeds. Considering that only a modest minority of chains utilised in the business are
totally compliant with one particular distinct regular.

Roller could be plastic, bearing inside and lubricant-free

There are several combinations of steel supplies and requirements of ingredient components for different apps this sort of as higher
exhaustion resistant, robust and hugely abrasion resistant, stable procedure, powerful and compact, very put on resistant, and so forth.

In depth Solution Description
one) Chain NO:M20,M28,M40,M56,M80,M112,M160,M224,M315,M450,M630,M900,


two) Any special demands about pin, attachment, and plate can be meet up with.
three) Color CZPT: normal, yellow, blue, and so on


Chain No. P L G d4 F W h4
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
M20 40. 14. 6.6 27. 40. sixteen.
50. 14.
sixty three. twenty. 35.
80. 35. 50.
M28 fifty. 20. 9. 32. forty seven. twenty.
sixty three. twenty.
80. 25. 45.
one hundred. 40. 60.
M40 sixty three. 31. 9. 35. 50. twenty five.
80. twenty. forty five.
a hundred. forty. sixty.
a hundred twenty five. sixty five. 85.
M56 sixty three. 22. 11. forty four. 61. 30.
eighty. thirty.
100. twenty five. fifty.
one hundred twenty five. fifty. seventy five.
a hundred and sixty. 85. one hundred ten.
M80 80. 30. 11. forty eight. 65. 35.
one hundred. twenty five. fifty.
a hundred twenty five. 50. 75.
160. eighty five. 110.
two hundred. 125. a hundred and fifty.



Metric Series Stainless Steel Conveyor Chain