Double Roller Granulator for Shale, Fly Ash, Clay etc

Double Roller Granulator for Shale, Fly Ash, Clay etc

CZPT Roller Granulator For Shale, Fly Ash, Clay etc

The double roll granulator is a molding gear capable of forming a powder or tiny granular content into a particular condition, and is primarily composed of a movable roll system, a fixed roller device, a roller assistance bearing, an altering system, and  a driving system. It is characterized by smoothness, reduced sounds, less dust, dependable functionality and handy upkeep. It can be widely employed in building, mining and metallurgy, environmental defense and other industries.


CZPT Roller Granulator OUR Gain

one. The granulator has the functions of even outputting particle dimensions

2. High price of finished goods, high manufacturing potential

3. Compact construction, realistic format

four. Tiny region needed and large automatic handle. 

CZPT Roller Granulator Working Basic principle
The doing work basic principle is that the geared motor drives the fixed roller to rotate through the chain drive. When the fixed roller rotates, the movable roller that is in make contact with with it is rotated by the friction of the roller floor, and the material slides from the feeding chute into the roller granulator and is pressed by the  roller. The substance is extruded by means of a fixed roll hole, and the formed materials is minimize off by the scraper and discharged from the outlet.
The granulator has the qualities of uniform granulation, substantial produce, massive output, compact composition, reasonable structure, small floor area and substantial automation.

CZPT Roller Granulator Specifications





Roller diameter (mm)




Roller size (mm)




Extrusion bore diameter (mm)

eight ~ fourteen

eight ~ fourteen

eight ~ 14

 Roller rotating velocity (r/min)







Potential (t/h)

three ~ four

four ~ 6

6 ~ 8

Travel method


 Installed power (kW)




The double roller granulator is composed by fastened rolling device, movable rolling device, compact and altering system, frame, driving unit and etc. The working theory is motor drive set roller by equipment reducer, at the exact same time the fastened roller drive contact go rooler by fricition push on roller confront, supplies enter into granulator by feeding chute, pressed by double roller, and compression moulding when by means of mounted roller model sag hole, the molding materials are discharged from outlet following lower by scraper. 

    Double Roller Granulator for Shale, Fly Ash, Clay etc