Dahan Carbon Steel Wet Cement Silo Screw Conveyor Feeder Machine

Dahan Carbon Steel Wet Cement Silo Screw Conveyor Feeder Machine

    The screw conveyor in the two entities of seamless metal tubes are supplied with a spiral, which is a left-handed, the other is appropriate-handed. When two screws functioning place by a pair of shaft end gear is rotated ,thanks to the rotation of the screw member, so that the material for axial motion, so as to attain the function of transportation.
    It is with easy construction, tiny cross sectional dimension, very good sealing efficiency, reduced value and effortless operation. It is hassle-free to feed and discharge for the duration of procedure, and the conveying course can be opposite. Materials can be combined, agitated, heated and cooled throughout conveying. Besides, material flow can be adjusted by loading/unloading benefit.
Solution software

Solution principle
    It is composed of driving system, enclosed tank and screw. Materials in the tank are transported.

Major Functions:
1,Hanging bearing, head, tail shaft connected with the screw shaft are produced by tongue-type embedded, set up and removal does not need axial motion, and simple maintenance. Mandrel length, hanging, fewer details of failure.
2, Utilizing adjustable composition, increase the hanging bearing volume, bearing make contact with with the substance to keep away from hanging, hanging bearing existence can be more than two several years.
3,Transmission elements are floating link, suspended bearings common composition, the spiral, hanging bearing and tail constantly formed an integral spin float within a certain assortment can convey resistance to rotate freely avoidance, not the materials, not blocking material.
four,CZPT and tail are in the bearing housing, all bearings are sealed box with multi-layer sealing engineering, lengthy lifestyle bearings.
5,In comparison with other transportation tools, the device has a small cross-sectional size of it, the sealing overall performance is good, sleek and trustworthy operation, the intermediate multi-stage loading and unloading and protected procedure, simple upkeep.

   Screw conveyor is extensively employed as a continuous conveyor in metallurgy, developing components, chemical compounds, machinery and foods processing sectors .
CZPT Parameter

Model Diameter
Rated speed
Reference capacity
Motor electricity
Admission most significant gradient
LS114 114 84-one hundred thirty .one-one 2.two-eighteen.5 ≤60
LS133 133 1-two
LS159 159 three-5
LS219 219 five-15
LS245 245 fifteen-twenty
LS273 273 twenty-30
LS315 315 28-forty
LS400 400 35-45
LS500 500 45-70
LS600 600 60-a hundred

Our product
   Our business is specialized in generating conveyor equipments, like screw conveyor, belt conveyor,Internet CZPT,chain conveyor, drag conveyor,trimmer conveyor,Roller CZPT, roller conveyor,Seal conveyor,Etc.Duration three-30m ,width and top the conveying products for different industries can also be CZPT in accordance to buyer specifications .The merchandise have been widely employed in assembly ,packing creating line ,food,medicine,beverage and other industries necessitating no pollution.In order to satisfy the masses of consumers on the range of merchandise demand, our company customizes machines that pleased consumers based mostly on their real requirements.

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Q:What is the real shipping and delivery time of your factory?
A: 7 to 10 operating days for standard collection items, in the meantime, CZPT items would need to have 20 times to 40 times based mostly on distinct circumstances.
Q: How do you make certain the quality of your goods?
A: CZPTly, our equipments are the most tough kind in the sector, this is also the characteristic of the label perception of DH for most of our consumers at residence or overseas.Nevertheless, we do identified that there do have modest sum of the product which may possibly acquired defective or destroyed for different factors.
Q: How do your after-sale provider perform if the product obtained damaged?
A: In the gurantee time twelve months, our standard aftersale serve.

Dahan Carbon Steel Wet Cement Silo Screw Conveyor Feeder Machine