Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine and Stretch Film Pallet Wrapping Machine with Conveyor

Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine and Stretch Film Pallet Wrapping Machine with Conveyor

Automated transfer roller conveyor Pallet Strapping Strap banding Stretch Movie shrink Wrap wrapper Wrapping Packaging Packing  Machine

T2000FZ-PL On-line Completely Automatic CZPT Type  Pre-extend Wrapping machine is a traditional turntable rotary variety device that has been designed to be as computerized as possible. After the film has been loaded into the film jaw clamps there is no require to attach the movie to the pallet in the typical way. At the conclude of the cycle the machine cuts the film with a sizzling wire, secures the tail end on to the pallet and then grips the movie ready for the subsequent load. It even will come with ontrol so if loaded by a raise truck the driver does not have to get out of his vehicle.

Primary attributes of Automated transfer roller conveyor Pallet Strapping Strap banding Extend Film shrink Wrap wrapper Wrapping Packaging Packing  Machine

The Handle Systerm

PLC programmable control.

The top and bottom winding layers and numbers,crossing the top time, reinforcement plies 0-9 can directly set on the panel.

Simple operation: just press the automatic function button, can complete the whole packaging process.

Photoelectric switch, automatic sensing cargo height.

Excellent selection of electrical control components, high reliability.

Automatic and manual conversion at any time.

Turntable System 

Rotary variable speed 0-12 rpm adjustable by frequency changer.

The turntable automatically reset when packaging finished over.

The turntable select the pure steel high wear-resistant material.

Film Delivery System

The film carriage for dynamic pre stretching mechanism, stretching up to 250%, reduce the film consumption.

Film feeding speed is adjustable, separate DC motor control.

The film frame rising and falling speed alone adjustable.

The film frame is the pure aluminum film frame, light and stable.

Selection of wear resistant rubber roller, long service life.

Film system with servo mechanism, pull.

The lifting column is double chains structure, stable and reliable.

Optional Function

The open film frame:Ease to wear membrane and replace membrane volume.

Ramp: easy to use trolley to carry the goods.

Film automatic installing and breaking. 

CZPT Parameters

Model T2000FZ-PL
Max. wrapping height 2000mm
Max. loading bodyweight 2000kg
Max. turntable pace 12rpm/min
Max.effectiveness 25loads/hour
turntable diameter(standtard machine) 2000mm
Equipment measurement L2545mm*W1650mm*H2880mm
Machine fat 900kg
Power offer 220V/380V 50HZ
Film roll width 500mm
Turntable speed -12rpm  Adjustable,  speed adjustable
Turntable height 77mm
Up-down body double -chain 

Detailed pictures:

Also can customize Chain type 

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Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine and Stretch Film Pallet Wrapping Machine with Conveyor