33kv 72.5kv 145kv 50Hz 60Hz Outdoor Horizon-Rotating AC Disconnect Switch with 2 Poles and a Horizontal Break for Pole Mounted

33kv 72.5kv 145kv 50Hz 60Hz Outdoor Horizon-Rotating AC Disconnect Switch with 2 Poles and a Horizontal Break for Pole Mounted

GW5- Kind Improved DISCONNECT Switch

one.1            Designation of sort and name
GW5-33KV/seventy two.5KV/132KV sort out of doors tripahse high-voltage ,horizon-rotating AC disconnect change with two poles and a horizontal split. (adhering to we called it GW5 Disconnect change in limited)
1.2  GW5 Serial disconnectors match GB1985-2004 High-voltage alternating present disconnectors and earth switches,it fulfill IEC129(1984) Large-voltage alternating current disconnectors and earthing switches,and IEC694(1980) ,Higher-voltage switchgear and controlgear.
one.3  Item use
This merchandise is employed to cut off or link a circuit CZPT any load and to minimize off substantial-voltage circuit with large-voltage electric powered gadget to be overhauled this kind of as higher-voltage bus, circuit breaker and so on.
1.4  Solution traits
GW5 Serial Disconnect swap are investigated and designed by ourselves in the basis of making GW5 for 20 many years.  It has the adhering to attributes:
a.   They have plentiful types and large technological parameters and can applied widely. In addition, they are appropriate for substantial position set up. The major knife not only match handbook device (CS17 series), but also match electrical device(CJ6).
b.  New make contact with fingers(U-shape)and bending-formed contactors are adopted, for make contact with finger and socket, the new current construction and the insulator speak to finger spring can provide adequate ability of current.
c.  Full seal construction and oilless bearing are adopted and the transmission shaft , pin are manufactured of stainless .All metal components and regular parts are ZINC-plated. Seal composition and tinning braided strap can give greater antirust ability to link socket ,main knife change conductive tube and earth knife swap tube.
d. The straightforward dependable mechanical moving way was adopted, the principal knife switch elevated limited switchin and switchoff to boost the working reliability of solution.
e.   New enhanced CS171V guide construction provides a greater capacity in dust palliative, Watertightness and antirust.
f. Full ZINC-plated metal basis racks and vertical & stage transmission levers are CZPT for consumers to decide on.
one.5  The solution use setting condition
a.       The altitude does not exceed 2000 meters
b.       The environmental local weather is between -50ºC and +50ºC
c.       The wind push should not be higher 700pa
d.       The earthquake depth can not be above nine levels
e.       The thickness of ice should not be exceed 20mm
f.        Air pollution diploma of setting must be in , , diploma.
g.        The put in area must have no simple flamable and explode easily harmful, the chemistry decay and violent vibration.
2.The solution classification and strategy parameter
two.one Classification
2.one.one In accordance to VOLTAGE :forty.5kv,seventy two.5kv,126kv
2.1.two According to existing:  630A,1250A,1600A,2000A.
2.one.three According to earth swap: earth-totally free, still left earth, appropriate earth and double earth.
two.two  The principal strategy parameter
Tabe 1

No. Sort
GW5-forty.five GW5-seventy two.5 GW5-126
1 Rated voltage  kV forty.5 72.five 126
2 Rated current  A 630 1250 1600 2000 630 1250 1600 2000 630 1250 1600 2000
three Disconnect  witchg Peak withstand recent
50 80 a hundred a hundred fifty eighty a hundred a hundred 50 80 100 one hundred
Quick-time endure current (powerful benefit)       (kA) 20 31.five forty 40 20 31.5 40 40 twenty 31.five 40 40
Short-circuit retaining time (S) 4
4 type earth knife Peak stand up to current
Quick-time endure existing (kA) 10
Limited-circuit retaining time  (s) 4
5 kind earth knife Peak withstand current
Quick-time withstand present kA forty
Limited-circuit retaining time
six Quick time electricity frequency endure voltage (successful value)  (kV) To earth a hundred and ten 185 260
Split to
one hundred twenty five two hundred 300
seven  Lightning impulse withstand voltage(successful benefit)  (kV) To earth 185 350 550
Break to
215 385 630
8 Terminal static  mechanical load (N) horizontal
1000 one thousand 1000 1000 1000 one thousand
750 750 750 750 750 750
  Vertical drive a thousand a thousand one thousand 1000 one thousand one thousand
9   bus-transfer current switching by disconnectors in gis    (A) 504 a thousand 1280 1600 504 a thousand 1280 1600 504 a thousand 1280 1600
ten Radio jamming degree Not more than 2000μV
11 Mechanical lifestyle 3000 instances

two.3structure attribute parameters
Tabe 2

No. Sort
GW5-forty.five GW5-seventy two.five GW5-126
1 Rated present 630 1250 1600 2000 630 1250 1600 2000 630 1250 1600 2000
two Crack insulating distance at disconnect swap off (≥mm) 400 650 one thousand
3 Insulating length of conductive component to earth (≥mm) four hundred 650 900
4 Resistance of principal circuit   (≤μΩ) two hundred 150 a hundred and fifteen ninety 220 a hundred and fifty five one hundred twenty a hundred 245 a hundred and seventy one hundred thirty five one hundred ten
five Tryphase Switchin SYNCHRONISM of main knife≤mm) five eight 12
six Switchin time of distributing unit CJ6:3.75±1s
seven Weight of one pole  (kg) a hundred twenty five 150 one hundred sixty a hundred ninety 200 240

3. Framework of item
    GW5 Disconnect switch is composed of 3 one- pole, functioning gadget and transfer part. Each single-pole is of a  “V” framework which is made up of base ,bearing seat, help insulator, connector, still left & proper contactor , earthing static contactor and earth knife swap.
For this disconnect change, the major knife can not only match CS17 series guide operating gadget, but also match CJ6G electrical working unit.  Earth knife matches CS17 collection guide working unit . CS17 series guide operating unit is outfitted with F9 kind auxiliary switch or vacuum auxiliary change .When manual operating device connect electromagnetic lock, legitimate electrical chain lock will be effected among disconnect switch, earth change and circuit breaker to keep away from blunder running.
four. Working theory
  4.one functioning theory for main knife swap
   Operating device of GW5 disconnect swap is connected to the oscillating arm by means of a vertical transfer lever and connector. Synchronous motion of three-pole can be effected via oscillating arm pulling the 3 individual pole.
 When the gadget acting, a help insulator is driven to rotate one more assistance insulator is driven to rotate through a lever in bottom shelf (leftright contactors are independently fastened on two assist insulators). Then motion of switchin and switchoff of the 2contactors can be effected.
  four.2 Running principle of earth knife change
    The 3-pole earth knife are linked by three-pole transfer lever. Basic principle axle of operating gadget is connected to the three-pole transfer lever by means of vertical transfer lever ,contactor and a established of area four-back links bar. Change in and switch off of earth knife can be effected by means of vertical transfer lever and space 4-back links bar when the unit performing.
  four.3 Auxiliary change in operating gadget is related to theory axle of unit. When motion (swap in or change off), related get in touch with will be opened or shut, Then give indicators of change in or swap off.
 4.4 Mechanical lock-out of major earth knives
   When the principal knife and the earth knife equally connect guide functioning device, Lock-out in between disconnect change and earth change is effected by way of interlock board of the device. When shut the disconnect knife, the earth knife can not be shut When earth knife is shut, don’t near the disconnect switch.   
5. Installation AND DEBUGGING
 5.1 Opening package deal and verify
   Verify if quantity of bundle is correct in accordance to packing list just before opening package deal. Contact our company in time if there is anything at all incorrect.
   When opening package deal, verify all areas meticulously in accordance to packing checklist. If there is anything at all wrong, remember to get in touch with our firm , as well.
5.3 Checking following installation and debugging
a. swap position for primary knife and earth knife should be proper
b. Insulator distance of breaks must conform to request in graph 2
c. three-pole synchronism of major knife should conform to ask for in graph two
d. Resistance of primary knife circuit must conform to ask for in graph 2
e. Verify if auxiliary switches correctly when device at shut situation, get in touch with (of auxiliary change) 1-3, 5-seven, nine-11,  ETC,  are typically open up contacts two-4, 6-8, 10-12,  ETC, are usually shut contacts.
f. When major knives is equipped with electric system ,typical action (open and closed)should be effected at eighty five% and a hundred and ten% rated voltage
g. Mechanical lock-out of major knife and earth knife must be proper
five.4  Our firm can give total geared up joints and lever that don not need welding.
six. Operating Instructions
 6.one In basic circumstances, this is disconnect switch need to be operated when all load of circuit is taken out (circuit breaker in open up situation)
 6.two. When major knife is shut, earth knife can not be closed When earth knife is shut ,principal knife can not be shut.

six 4.5
eight eleven
10 19
12 32
16 seventy eight


twelve 58
16 one hundred forty
20 270
24 470

  When preserving or repairing this disconnect change ,pay out attention to :
a. Verify if ceramic elements of disconnect swap are broken, there is any unfastened at glue placement , there is any unfastened and rusty at all fastening position
b. Evaluate resistance of circuit and examine if there is a massive adjust of it .Verify if contacts can speak to nicely.
c.      Verify if placement of all electric powered connectors and auxiliary swap is right.
d.   Check out if all rotation areas can rotate effortlessly. There must not be rustness and jamming.
e.   Check out if there is any change of sign of all connectors in 2nd circuit.
f.   If any irregular takes place in operating, control to remedy it and touch the producer as shortly as attainable.
  If not in use in a extended time, place it in ventilated and dry spot with a 10-cm -large elevation.
9. Connected Documents
 9.1 Quality certificate
 9.2 Set up and procedure instruction for GW5 disconnect swap.
nine.three Installation and operation instruction for CJ6G electric unit (if principal knife is outfitted with electrical unit, it is in the carton for unit)
 9.four. Packing listing
One particular duplicate of all earlier mentioned paperwork loaded in a specific file packet
10. Buy Notice
   You should note obviously as underneath
a.      Type specification and amount
b.     Rated present and rated voltage
c.      Type and request of unit to match major knife, kind and request of system to match earth knife
d.     Voltage for electromotor, voltage for manage coil and pair amount of auxiliary contacts when making use of electrical operation system.
e.      Pair quantity (major and earth knives) of auxiliary contacts when utilizing CS17 series handbook operation system and notice clearly if electromagnetism lock need to be equipped You should note clearly for principal knife or equally main knife and earth knife .It is recognized as auxiliary change that should be equipped CZPT clearly notice (4 open up and 4 closed)
f.      Air pollution diploma of environment : , or degree. It is recognized as degree CZPT very clear note.
g.     Sort of earthing: earth-free, still left earth, appropriate earth and double earth. It is recognized as right earth when famous only as one earth
h.     Earth knife kind: type or kind knife. It is approved as type earth knife CZPT distinct be aware.
i.       We can source steel shelf according to user’s request, you should notice the peak
j.       Material for link board: copper or aluminum .It is approved as aluminum CZPT clear notice.
k.     Other unique request except previously mentioned should be noted obviously when buying
11. Our firm reserve the right of modification about writings and Photos. If there be a modify, Forgive and do not notify.

33kv 72.5kv 145kv 50Hz 60Hz Outdoor Horizon-Rotating AC Disconnect Switch with 2 Poles and a Horizontal Break for Pole Mounted